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Several years ago the need was expressed for an improved diagnostic device for measuring strabismus. Over the past few years, several partners worked together on the development of this concept. Due to the inconveniences caused by using outdated methods in diagnosing strabismus experts found that eye tracking could be the best possible sollution.

Eye tracking is an innovative technology that allows eye movement measurements for both young and adult patients. At XEye medical, we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of creating new and better methods for diagnosing ocular disorders. We devote our time, knowledge and expertise to bridging the gap between theoretical findings and actual non-invasive day-to-day patient care. As such, we work closely with international leading professionals in the medical field.

What we offer

Recent revolutionary innovations are reshaping the possibilities for diagnosing ophthalmic disorders. Especially, eye tracking technology is considered a cutting-edge technology for measuring eye movements and gaze patterns leading to discoveries that would be more difficult to uncover with other testing methods.

XEye medical offers eye tracking solutions to the medical sector to efficiently diagnose a wide range of disorders linked to the eye and brain. Four years ago, the concept emerged for the development of a new innovative diagnostic device, which provides healthcare professionals with more accurate and objective results.

Mission and Vision

Improve patient outcomes and better serve the needs of healthcare professionals by providing innovative medical devices which utilize eye tracking technology.

Be internationally recognized as the provider of intelligent innovative solutions within the medical device industry.

New product

XEye medical, presents the new diagnostic orthoptic device ‘’Nine’’

Nine offers eye specialists the ability to measure patient’s eye movements using a non-invasive method. This innovative device uses the latest eye tracking technology for diagnosing and measuring the eye disease, strabismus. With its unique stimulus, using nine targets in each cardinal direction, a more accurate position of the eye gaze is provided, determining the precise angle of strabismus. By better and more accurate measurements it is to be expected that surgery can be performed with higher predictability of the outcome.


Unique technology

With its unique stimulus and eyetracking technology, a more accurate position of the eye gaze is provided, determining the precise angle of strabismus.

Accurate results

No fixation needed & minimum cooperation
from young patients.
NINE offers accurate results with
minimum discomfort.

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Eye tracking: the possible cutting-edge technology in the diagnosis of strabismus

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NINE is being introduced at the XIIIth International Orthoptic Association Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 27 – 30 June 2016

More information about the IOA Congress 2016.



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